Suggestions & Complaints

If you have any comments or suggestions whether about your medical treatment or about our practice in general, please contact the surgery who will do their best to help. We have a comments/suggestions box located at each surgery which we would also encourage you to use.

If you wish to make a complaint, we follow the NHS complaints procedure, details of which are on display in Reception at all sites. We will always do our best to sort out any issues immediately and you are welcome to contact our Operations Managers in writing, by post or e mail:

Helen Annetts and Jade Nabney at The Arnewood Practice

Gabrielle White at New Milton Health Centre

Stacey Devitt at Barton Surgery

Corinne Lockwood at Webb Peploe Surgery

Letters addressed to Dr N Watson at The Arnewood Practice

Please Note:

If you have received a clinic letter from your hospital consultant or following a hospital outpatients visit, which is addressed to DR N Watson at The Arnewood Practice, please be rest assured this should be of no concern.

Once received, all mail is processed centrally and assigned to your registered GP at your usual surgery site for viewing. Following this, it is then attached to your notes.

In due course and following our merger, such letters will ultimately show as Coastal Medical Partnership. Until then, we have no jurisdiction to change it. Therefore, please do NOT call your surgery as we need to keep our telephone lines clear, more so than ever in this Covid Pandemic.

If you have SystmOnline or a third party app such as Airmid or NHS and you have the full access to your medical notes feature switched on, then, if you can see the letter, it means your GP has seen it and the letter has been filed to your notes.

Thank you.