Our Staff

GP Partners - The Arnewood Practice

Dr Mark Kydd-Coutts

Dr Amanda Walden

Dr Brian Marsh


Dr Hannah Rycroft

Dr Debbie Miles

Dr Jonathan Bamford

Dr Ian Glass

Dr Rose Neary

Dr Simon Helyar

GP Partners - Barton Surgery

Dr Sara Nash

Dr David Andrews

Dr Shamit Shah

Dr Alex Cook

Dr Maggie Williams

GP Partners - New Milton Health Centre

Dr Will Howard

MBBS BSc (psych) MRCGP PG Cert Med Ed Speciality/Interests: ENT, Sports Medicine, Medicine for Older people, GP training, Medical Politics (Wessex LMCs)

Dr Dominique O'Carroll-Bailey

Dr James Goodman

Dr Elizabeth Fowler

Dr Marc Thomas

Dr Alison Cook


Dr Alison Hoggarth

Dr Rachel Pidduck

GP Partners - Webb-Peploe Surgery

Dr Chad Tew

Dr Sarah Newman

Dr Toni Benning

Business Managers

Our Business Managers are responsible for the overall management of all sites within Coastal Medical Partnership.

Matt Perkins

Kelly Anderson

Site Operations Managers

Our Operations Managers are site based and responsible for the efficient administration of the Practice. We realise that occasionally things do not go as smoothly as we would like and if you think this is happening to you, please contact the relevant Operations Manager(s).

Helen Annetts

The Arnewood Practice

Jade Nabney

The Arnewood Practice

Stacey Devitt

Barton Surgery

Gabrielle White

New Milton Health Centre

Corinne Lockwood

Webb-Peploe Surgery

Coastal Operations Managers

Our Coastal Operations Managers are responsible for the overall management of their particular specialism at all sites within Coastal Medical Partnership.

Kirstie Radbourne

Primary Care Network

Liz Snedker

Information Management and Technology

Louise Hancock